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2023-2024 Special Discount Low/Sale Price

2023-2024 Price for the externship/rotation/clerkship/NP/Medical Students/Pre-med students.


Special Low Price

$ 3000 a month for June & July 2024 (minimum 4 weeks

$ 2000 a month for August -May (minimum 4 weeks

The price covers numerous hours of administrative work, many days of extensive training and teaching on EMR, and acquainting you to the field of family medicine and the American Health System.

The price is fair, and it is lower than what the Caribbean schools charge for a course. Also, it is lower than other programs such as Drexel, which charges over $7000. Harvard externship/observership courses cost over $9000.


Spots are limited due to high demand especially now that USMLE step 1 is pass/fail. Programs want USCE. 


You can start any day convenient for you.  


Immediate Availability


Simple Application Process:

Step 1:  Email the following to Dr. Jaddou:


1- Legal Status: Your visa to the USA or Green card or US passport if US citizen.

2- Your Medical School Certificate.

3- Your information: CV with address and dates desired


Any questions, you can email Dr. Jaddou


Step 2: After we receive the above, Dr. Jaddour or our student coordinator Dalal, will email you back to see how interested are you and if you have any further questions, and if you want to be called by phone to discuss further and finally if you are ready for a contract/orientation/payment.  


Step 3: We will email you the contract, orientation, and how to make a Payment:

Full payment will need to be made in advance after you sign the contract and orientation. We will accept payment via the secured payment method listed on our official website (  Do not ask for a discount because the price is already low plus everyone will need to be charged the same. After payment/contract/orientation is received you will get a letter of acceptance and you will be placed on the schedule.  Furthermore, after acceptance, another package will be emailed to you.

  1. Before you make your decision, you can email Dr. Jaddou if you have any questions
  2.  or you can call us or email us to request to speak with our student coordinator, Dalal, or one of our current externs. Also, you can email the following externs


Step 4: Malpractice Insurance:  You will be required to purchase malpractice insurance for the duration of your externship (See Malpractice Insurance Tab)

We can have your LOR ready when you complete your rotation or before you finish your rotation if you have to submit your ERAS.

  • Price also includes being your reference, meaning if you reapply or apply to MPH schools, PA schools, research, or any other rotation, we will write you LOR for these special programs and you can use us as a reference. This happened with several externs in the past until they got in. 
  • The 2 or 3 weeks rotation price is higher.  

Discounted price

8 weeks and greater: Regular price for the first 4 weeks, then 5% for the last 4 weeks. 8 weeks must be paid in advance to get a discount. 12 weeks and more are also available.


Group discount: If 4 people sign up together then we will give you a 5% discount for the first 4 weeks.


Housing/Transportation: See the housing/transportation section. The above price does not include housing or transportation. 


Good evening Dr. Jaddou, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the unwavering support and dedication that has been extended to me. Your letter of recommendation holds immense value, and I am truly appreciative of the time and effort that you have invested in composing it amidst your busy schedule. Your commitment to my professional and academic pursuits has been invaluable and has played a significant role in my success. I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your invaluable support and best wishes.  Sincerely,   PS

Going to a medical staff meeting

Going to a day conference!

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