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Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Based on our preveous externs, they tell us that the program directors always refer to our LOR.

Furthermore, you can request letter of recommendation LOR from Dr. Jaddou. It will be in this letterhead with these distinct and powerful logos. We can have it ready for you by end of your rotation

ERAS application LOR:

LOR Author name: Neil Jaddou, M.D.

LOR Author Title/Department: Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health

LOR Frequently Asked Questions

1- How many LOR would I get?

One LOR. Avoid programs that gives more than one LOR because program directors (PD) preferes you to do at least 3 externships at different geographic locations.

2- Will I be able to read my LOR?

-It depends on which option you choose:

a: Waived: this will be written on LOR As waived and when you requested it from ERAS you will also indicate "waived". This LOR you will not be able to read it. Waived LOR is considered more powerful by PD.

b: Not Waived: You will be able to read it.

3- What determines the content of LOR?

It will depends on your performance on the rotation. However there will not be any negative comments written in the LOR even if you do not perform well.

4- When is the LOR written?

It is usually written at the end of your rotation or up to two weeks after you finish the rotation. If however you are doing a rotation in September and you want the LOR to be written before the first day of application, special arrangement can be made.

Graduation/Certificate of completion

Upon successful completion of our program, you will get a certificate of completion.  

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