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Celebrating Our Success: Our Externs Matched


Hope that 2023 is a good luck year for International Medical Graduates (IMG)

FMG, Caribbean, Medical Students, American students






Intended for those applying to residency in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, ER, Surgery, Neurology, or any other residency.  Also for medical students rotations/clerkship (from anywhere in the world) and now also for pre-meds. Outpatient Hands-on Family Medicine in Dr. Jaddou's office in Troy and Sterling Heights Michigan.

Our Sterling Heights, Michigan Office

Talking on the radio/facebook webinar AM 690 Detroit

SFM in the News: Article Published in the News 

WELCOME to SFM, SOMERSET/American Externship/Clerkship/Rotation. We are members of the AMA and American Academy of Family Physicians since 1999.  We are now affiliated with FindARotation corporation.

Over 16 years of helping IMG/FMG/Med students achieve their goal to get into the American Residency Program

Hello Somerset: I am very happy to inform you that I secured a residency spot in Psychiatry. Thank you for your help in the form of a rotation, a letter of recommendation, and guidance. I truly believe your LOR made a significant difference........

Good news!! I matched with the University of Tennessee, my externship at your clinic and your letter of recommendation was a key factor in obtaining interviews!! Dr. Jaddou, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! 

Dear Dr. Jaddou, this application cycle was a million times better than the last. Thanks in large part to you for giving me the opportunity to extern with you. I ended up with over 20 interview invitations, and just about everyone, my interviewers was impressed with my externship with you. 

Become part of our winning team

Dear Dr. Jaddou, I wanted to let you know that I have matched! I really appreciate the opportunity in the Summer of 2017. Many of my interviewers during my match season praised the excellent LOR and were impressed by the volunteer and scholastic activities your program offered.

Hello Dr. JaddouIt was this time last year when I contacted you about the externship after I didn't match. This year, I matched at SUNY Upstate Medical University for Pediatrics. I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance. I truly believe the reason I received interviews was how I spent my time at Somerset. I was able to publish an article and volunteer at the church clinic, showing my dedication to the community. 

Check more of our reviews on the "Reference/Testimonial" page!

Our Externship is Ranked One of The Top USCE

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)/Certificate

You will get a good LOR and a certificate at the end of the externship.  LOR will have a hospital and Medical School logo (see sample in navigation).  Dr. Jaddou is a staff at the hospitals below.  Also, we are members of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the America​n Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  We had a good presence at the annual AAFP National Conference for Medical Students and Residents which you can attend to meed PD.

Dr. Neil Jaddou is a staff at these hospitals and a clinical assistant professor at Wayne State Medical School

Discussing Medicine @ Somerset Mall


Dear Dr. Jaddou, I have successfully cleared my USMLE STEP 1, 2, and 3 exams. However, I was unable to match this year likely due to a lack of clinical experience, therefore I would like to do an externship at your office, I live in Texas.

I am a graduate of St. Georges. I had remained unmatched. My mentors, forums, and family and friends have suggested finding some sort of clinical externship in Family Medicine. I came across your website searching on the web and also from the reviews on the USMLE forums.

Visiting Free Church Clinic Once a Week

You will have an opportunity to Publish Article in Newspaper

Somerset Family Medicine, SFM, is One of the Best & Highly Ranked USCE in America

Externship that Resembles Residency

Getting FMGs/IMG and Medical Students exposed to the American Healthcare System & improve scores on USMLE CK, and Step 3. We develop help you develop leadership, create opportunities to publish articles, attend conferences, attend free church clinic and become more confident.  Our applicants come from all over the world. Lately, we have had many applicants who did not match or who delayed their application and want to stay clinically active which is what program directors (PD) want.

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