About our program: 
Our American Externship program (formerly know as externshipworld.com) was established in 2005 by Dr. Jaddou and with help of other FMG Dr. Lee from South Korea (right bottom), Dr. Seemi from Canada/India (right bottom), Dr. Toma from Iraq and Dr. Janci from Albania (see picture on the right). We initially started contracting with other programs in the market such as FMG portal and Americlerkship but later became independent. We also now accept other disciples such as medical students, PA students and 
nurse practitioner students making us a true learning environment that mimics the residency programs.

Somerset Family Medicine
American Externship/Observership program is an outpatient program in family medicine which concentrates on training IMG/FMG, American Caribbean schools, International schools graduates, nurse practitioner students and medical students to learn the American health system and improve their chances of getting into a residency by getting an LOR. Our program will allow you to:
       -Learn Electronic Medical Record.
       -Learn how to interview a patient.
       -Get lectures on common medical problems.
       -Learn how to do vitals, EKG, UA and PFT.
       -Attend evening conferences.
       -Help you improve your scores on USMLE CS and CK.
Rotation is one month with the option to do up to 3 months. Students will receive certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation. The program is taught by Dr. Neil Jaddou, M.D.; board certified family medicine doctor and a professor of Family Medicine at Wayne State University and Oakland Beaumont Medical School.
Our American Externship program (externshipworld.com) was established in 2005 by Dr. Jaddou and with help of other FMG Dr. Lee from South Korea, Dr. Seemi from Canada/India, Dr. Toma from Iraq and Dr. Janci from Albania.  We initially started contracting with other programs in the market such as FMG portal and Americlerkship but later became independent.  We also now accept other deciplines such as medical students, PA students and nurse practioner students making us a true learning environment that mimics the residency programs.
American Externship, Dr. Jaddou, is affiliated with St. John Health System Medical Education Programs. As of October 2014 we became part of ACGME through St. John Providence Health System. 
About our Preceptor
jaddou neil 4x6[1] externshipworldNeil Jaddou, MD, MSc is the founder and the medical director of American Externship: Somerset Family Medicine. 
He graduated from one of the top medical schools in the country, Wayne State University School of Medicine, and did his residency at St. John's Hospital in a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics program. He then transferred to the Wayne State University Family Medicine program. He is board certified in Family Medicine. He has been educating residents and medical students for many years and his medical externship program is ranked very high. Dr. Jaddou holds a faculty appointment with OUWB School of Medicine and Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is an assistant Professor with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Also, he is a medical staff at William Beaumont, St. John's, Henry Ford and DMC hospitals.

The pope blesses Dr. Jaddou and his wife marriage, August 2015, Rome, Italy

Above Dr. Jaddou attends a wedding of his brother John in China

About our offices
Both offices are very modern, beautiful and equipped with the latest state of the art medical diagnostic equipment. Such as a digital x-ray that you will get a chance to read, and also electronic medical record (Allscript EMR). You would rotate between two offices, Troy and Sterling Heights. You would also go to the free clinic.  We treat many patients, both adults and children. Sterling Heights office has many Middle Eastern patients who may not speak English.  For more information, please visit www.drjaddou.com,  


    American Externship
Somerset Family Medicine

Hands-on Externship/Observership in Outpatient Family Medicine in Michigan for FMG, International Medical Graduates, Caribbean Medical Students and Caribbean graduates
Length of Program
Minimum 4 weeks; maximum 12 weeks
Neil Jaddou, M.D., M.S. Board Certified Family Medicine, Clinical assistant professor of Family Medicine and Community Health, Wayne State School of Medicine and Oakland Beaumont Medical School. Staff at 4 hospitals and affiliated with St. John Oakland-Macomb medical students teaching program.
Program Overview

Outpatient family medicine office in Troy and Sterling Heights Michigan.
Learn EMR: Program directors would want you to know and be efficient in Electronic Medical or Health Record.
 US Health System: Get familiar with the American health system.
Present a patient and do H&P: Practice on presenting a patient and do history and physical examinations.
Diagnostic Studies: Learn how to interpret basic lab tests and radiology data such as blood, urine, X-rays, EKG and PFT.
Increase Medical Knowledge: Expand your medical knowledge and build on your differential diagnosis.
USMLE Emphasis: Improve your scores on CK, CS and USMLE step 3.
Attend conferences: Tour the hospitals and attend conferences when available.
Free online lectures: Online lectures given by Dr. Jaddou on common problems in Family Medicine, taken from future textbook by professor Jaddou.
Publish Articles: Opportunity to publish patient education article in the community newspaper.
LOR: At the end of the rotation you will get Letter of Recommendation that has a university and hospital logo.
Certificate of completion:  Given at the end of externship. Also possibility of finishing with honor and student of the month award.
Leadership: You will have an opportunity to be chief extern and teach others.
Community work: Volunteer in the Church clinic once a week.
Safe: We are located in a very nice city of Troy and Sterling Heights Michigan. 

Eligibility Criteria
·       USMLE NOT Required
·       Immediate availability. Start any day that is convenient for you.
·       Must be living in USA to apply. We do not sponsor visas.
·       All visas are accepted as long as you are physically present in USA.
Visit www.americanexternship.com for details on price and application, after you read the website, email us:  neiljaddou@yahoo.com for any question.      .